"I'm Pregnant" Part 1

“I’m pregnant”… two words that cause shock and awe. Some feel joy and happiness while others feel fear and nervousness. No matter what feelings you have, pregnancy often means a new chapter in your lives. Pregnancy can wreak havoc on a woman’s body: morning sickness, changing hormone levels, new aches and pains… the list goes on. However, we at Cornerstone Chiropractic of Hortonville can help alleviate some of these symptoms.

It was stated in a narrative review by Borggren that about 50% of women have low back pain during pregnancy with 50-75% experiencing back pain during labor. However, only 21% of women receive help for the pain of pregnancy. Which means that 79% do not seek help in reducing the pain of pregnancy.

These expectant mothers are suffering for no reason. Simple adjustments (and modalities) can help alleviate these pains. Adjusting the spine will not only help musculoskeletal symptoms it may also help calm down the nervous system and reduce nausea and other morning sickness symptoms, while also down regulating the hormonal ups and downs.

The new aches and pains associated with pregnancy can be due to either the new biomechanical postural stresses or a hormone called relaxin. Biomechanical stresses refer to the protruding stomach that begins to develop midway through the second trimester. This baby bump creates pressure on the lower back by tilting the pelvis forward (anterior weight carriage) and shortening low back muscles. These back muscles then begin affecting muscles located around the hip.  Another culprit of pregnancy pain is the piriformis muscle, this muscle is most commonly known for causing a shooting pain down the leg (aka sciatica).

Relaxin is the hormone that helps prepare the ligaments associated with childbirth, to get ready for delivery. Relaxin makes the ligaments of the hips and pelvis more lax or flexible, which can create instability for the mother, and leads to pain.  When these two variables are combined they can create a pain and discomfort that may often times be corrected by chiropractic care.

If you are currently pregnant and experiencing anything listed above, please feel free to give us a call at 920-779-3300. Or email us via our website cornerstonechiropractors.com contact page. Pregnancy should be a joy, not a burden, let us help you enjoy it.



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