New Patients

Cornerstone Chiropractic of Hortonville knows how important your time is, that's why we give you the tools needed to get the best treatment possible.


What to Expect

On the initial visit you will come in and have a seat.  A doctor will be with you shortly and greet you. We will then have you fill out an intake form. The doctor will then take you back to an exam room and review the intake form with you and ask any additional questions if needed. 

Next, a physical examination will take place. Here you will perform ranges of motion, movement tests, and other exam procedures intended to locate and identify the source of your pain.

If x-rays are needed they will be taken. We use this to locate possible problems or contraindications for adjusting and as a tool to help correct posture-related pain. 

From there the doctor will create a treatment plan. That plan includes what segments need to be adjusted, why pain is being caused, when you need to come in next, and how many times you may need to be seen. At this and any time throughout the exam you may ask any questions you may have.


Whether your goals are to get out of pain, improve your mobility, or just have a healthier life, we at Cornerstone Chiropractic of Hortonville can help you meet your goals. Feel free to contact us with any have questions.