Trust me I'm a Doctor... of Chiropractic

Chiropractors are often asked by people, “Do I need to come in if I don’t hurt or have never had any back problems?” Or we have been told, “the pain went away after a couple of days so I must be fine.”

The answer to the first question is a two-part answer. The first being solved by asking, “Do you seem to always be sick, tired, or fatigued?“ If the answer is yes then chiropractic can help you. Being sick, tired, fatigued, along with other symptoms can all be related to posture as well asthe way the nervous system is functioning. Even the smallest subluxation, or blockage, of the nervous system can lead to these symptoms over time.

Then the second part of the answer goes with the second statement above. Just because you can’t see or feel the pain doesn’t mean that a problem does not exist.  The human body is very good at adapting to new positions and conditions. Many times the adaptation is just a slight difference and the body usually selects a different muscle to do extra work.

If this new form is corrected early enough, problems can be avoided later. However, which is the case with most people, nothing is usually done until it cannot be dealt with anymore. This leads to muscles doing jobs that they are not intended to do. This creates new stress on muscles that eventually will cause them to break down or tighten up. Leading to pain that won’t get better.  At this point the recovery phase is longer than what it should be due to the chronic nature of the damage.

The point being… regular chiropractic maintenance care will help the entire body function properly, longer, and with fewer breakdowns.