"I'm Pregnant" Part 2

The last blog was explaining the beginning of pregnancy and was solely about the mother’s health. This blog is focused on the baby and delivery, and as you all know there is not much room for a baby to move inside the mother.  For that reason the use of chiropractic adjustments can help maximize the room the baby has to move by aligning the pelvis and low back (lumbar spine) properly. This creates a bigger area for the baby to turn and move in which aids in the delivery of the child as well.  A properly aligned pelvis has shown to help shorten delivery times due to the mother’s body functioning correctly.

However, babies don’t always follow the plan, sometimes they decide to spin the wrong way and come out feet first. This is known as the “breech position,” and can make for a difficult birth. There is however a technique that can help position a “breech” baby to the correctly. It is called the Webster Technique, and it is usually performed during the 32nd -37th week. It is a simple maneuver that is performed at each visit until the child turns to the correct position. Mothers may and have been known to feel the child turning as the maneuver is being performed.

Mothers have also stated that they sleep better after receiving chiropractic care. This statement holds true in several studies as well, the studies correlate hours of sleep to delivery times. The magic number of hours to sleep in a night was at least 7. When a mother gets less than 7 hours of sleep the risk of having a C-section increases immensely.

Chiropractic care also helps reduce the amount of medications taken during pregnancy to deal with pain. This is important because whatever the mother takes or consumes after week 7 or 8 the baby takes.

Then after the delivery, it is important to get the spine and extremities correctly aligned to heal better. It is believed that about 75-95% of mothers and newborns have subluxations, possibly leading to pain in the body and irritation of the nervous system.

If you have other questions about what we at Cornerstone Chiropractic of Hortonville can do to help you during pregnancy give us a call at 920-779-3300.