Lessons From Music

Shakira once said, “The hips don’t lie,” and she could not be more correct. The pelvis is the key to stability for the spine, head, and the rest of the body. Or in Megan Trainor’s words, “it’s all about the base,” meaning that a solid foundation for the pelvis leads to balance for both the upper and lower body. A quick description of the pelvis is that it includes the sacrum and coccyx, which sit in between the two “hip” bones. 

When the pelvis is twisted, elevated, flexed, or extended it will cause the rest of the body to adapt to the new “normal.” This new normal causes extra pressure and strain on the body, leading to pain, lack of mobility, and other poor body mechanics. In other words you may be like the Beatles and “Twist and Shout” from the sudden pain.

Most people however are able to adapt to these new positions and may not have pain for a while. However, it is not sustainable and pain will eventually follow, whether it be a week, month, or year(s) later. Muscles can get tighter or stronger, while their opposites get weaker and stretched out, both of which lead to improper function. The body is meant to be balanced, with the pelvis being the base. The spine and the exiting nerves function much better when there is no interference or subluxations.

If the pelvis is not aligned correctly you may not be functioning at your full potential. Pain will also follow, whether it is right away or over time. Three Days Grace and Johnny Cash could have avoided the “Pain” and “Hurt” if they knew this simple message.